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Thanks to you all our Institutional and Individual donors for their generous contribution throughout the year. Thank you for your willingness to help the under privileged children of our community and help us provide 250 children with a shelter to live, learn, and feel safe. Your donation has helped purchase home appliances, furniture, bed linen, rain gear and new computers for our kids over the last few years. All our donors have brought us closer to our mission of promoting gender equality through education and life skill training, thereby, reducing harm caused as a result of violence and abuse to women and small children.

We would love to invite you to our projects so that you can meet the children and women of our community as they always enjoy meeting visitors and volunteers. Our team is ever eager to set up a visit for you, or resolve your queries, if any. Do not hesitate to call us at (033) 2526-2728 / 2526-2626, or email us at

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