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Free Medical Check-up:

"Every dark cloud has a silver lining", as goes the saying. Poverty is a curse, but we strive in every possible way to get rid off itas we take up the challenge to eradicate it from the root. Health is a sensitive issue and there are so many people who cannot afford the minimum medical treatment either. We, at Shivananda, aim to take care of those sick people with proper medical facilities like supplying medicines, pure drinking water, arranging for free medical check-ups and free consultation.

Annual Blood-Donation Camps:

To donate blood is to save a life in danger- a noble cause indeed. We organize Camps once a year in our Campus. There are so many footfalls and every time we are thrilled by the overwhelming response of the responsible and concerned public. Every time we are honored by the positive reaction we get from hundreds and thousands of people who are ever ready to donate blood and save life. It is again one of our remarkable achievements in the field of our NGO services.

Eye-operation Camp:

Like Blood-donation camps, every year we also arrange for free eye check-up for all age groups belonging to the lower strata of society and also arrange for cataract operation for the aged group of people who otherwise cannot afford the expense. We provide them with spectacles and other eye related medicine as and when required. Like Blood-donation, this is also another initiative taken and to be continued in future.