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Hope Hospital

In India Government Hospitals provide health care free at the point of use for any Indian citizen. State hospitals are run by the state (local) government and may be dispensaries, peripheral health centers, rural hospitals, district hospitals or medical college hospitals.As progressive as medical technology can be, the difference in healthcare relies much on its people – highly skilled medical consultants, caring nurses as well as teams of committed staff who see to every patient’s need, on the road to recovery.

We are planning to inaugurate a Diagnostic Centre which would be an add-on apart from all the basic medical facilities provided by us. We will be appointing doctors and specialists in particular medical fields. There would be special provision for the weaker section of society by trying to keep the medical fees as nominal as possible. Our main focus would be to cure people rather than empty their pockets.

The various Medical Units are the following:

  •  Blood Bank
  •  ECG
  •  Eye-care Department
  •  Counseling
  •  Thalassemia
  •  Dental Care
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