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Old Age Home

SHIVANANDA ASRAM NGO is proud to announce that we are planning our own Old Age Home for neglected destitute elderly persons of hundred inmates, where elderly people, Widows, Handicap and Orphans will be sheltered with sufficient space, homely atmosphere with medical & health care facilities including food/clothing. We will be able to run this old age home with generous contributions from individuals like you and corporate.

You can choose your abode, a suite or a studio based on your preferences. Our housekeeping staff is always there to take care of all your tedious chores. You can pursue your favorite hobbies as you desire. With indoor games area, the entertainment area, the wellness center, gym and library, your interests will never be left behind. In the end we have only one goal and that is to give you the assortment of quality care, comfort and security through the avenue of relaxed community lifestyle and ensure that your every moment is a memorable one.

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