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Organisation Profile

Shivananda Ashram is a registered public charitable trust operating in Kolkata that offers comprehensive community development services. The founder of this organization is Shivananda Maharaj, a renowned spiritual Guru and multi-faceted humanitarian. Born in 1956 at Badu village of Madhyamgram, North 24pgns, West Bengal, India in a Brahman family. After his father’s death, he took over the charge of this Ashram for the service of his village people. The ashram now active in the whole of West Bengal by branches, offers educational and self-development programs to poor people by the help of his rich Shishyas and Donation. He is helping youth turn away from gang violence, drugs and alcohol and become as his family man.

The Organisation deals in the following charitable activities like:

  •  Distribution of clothes among the needy
  •  Distribution of Text-books to the poverty-stricken children
  •  Free medical facilities
  •  Yearly Blood Donation Camps
  •  Arrangement of Eye-operation camp once a year
  •  24 hours Ambulance service

Besides, an Old age Home is under construction and will be opened for the aged people soon. Shivananda’s teachings of love, practical wisdom and relentless service promote harmony among people and encourage them to follow their own spiritual path, hence honoring others.

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